Built to Serve

Giving Back

D-MAR general contracting is proud to be located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida, and we believe in working hard to serve the community that supports us. Through active participation in civic organizations and charitable giving, our communities grow stronger when we work together.

Growing Forward

The D-Mar family values giving. Doreen and Andrew have made a practice of not only leading in their industry but also in their community. They lead by example showing that engagement is more valuable than simply writing a check. This is as much a D-Mar value as it is one that is personal to each person on the team. They seek opportunities to build others up and grow our communities forward.

We’re Stronger Together

We abide by a simple mission and that is to grow our communities through support and engagement. Our com,unities will not thrive if we do not work together to support those who need if. If you have a community engagement opportunity we might be interested in, please take a moment to tell us about it.