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D-Mar’s unique approach to HVAC and Mechanical projects makes the complex and challenging seem simple and easy.

D-Mar General Contracting & Mechanical has worked with many clients to plan, install, and maintain large commercial refrigeration, food service, and other mechanical assets. We specialize in ensuring operations don’t have to cease in order to make necessary upgrades or repairs. We can handle hot and cold applications simultaneously while ensuring the proper electrical and mechanical support are installed and operating to specification.

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Utility and up-time are the ultimate goals for any commercial mechanical or HVAC project. Our unique ability to design and build custom HVAC systems and offer complex mechanical services like refrigeration, hot and cold food service, commercial and industrial dishwasher installation all make D-Mar the perfect partner for commercial projects that require innovation, quality, and the confidence that comes from working with experienced professionals.

Planning & Design

Success is determined during the planning and design phase of any HVAC or mechanical project is where success is defined. At D-Mar, we focus on doing more than simply getting the job done. We look at ways to implement safeguards, efficiencies, and proactive maintenance at the earliest stages of the project. Planning for cost and energy efficiency and a comprehensive testing regimen is all part of how we look at a new project.

Construction & Installation

The D-Mar team is highly experienced in commercial HVAC and mechanical applications, having served many national clients from quick-service restaurants (QSR) to large commercial kitchens serving the aviation industry. We have installed primary and support systems for refrigeration, ventilation, air dryers, and food preparation equipment without interrupting business operations or breaking necessary sanitation barriers.

Hot & Cold Service

Many companies specialize in either refrigeration or hot service applications. D-Mar has made a conscious effort to incorporate both competencies into our service offering. This provides our clients with a single point of confidence when implementing new systems or upgrading existing equipment. With this approach, your business operations are impacted less, and your project dollars are spent wisely.

Maintenance & Repair

The key to ensuring your investment in vital HVAC and mechanical systems is protected is a proactive maintenance and repair plan. D-Mar works with its clients to plan and establish maintenance schedules and required testing. From compressors and condensers to refrigerators and ventilation, we are always available for continuing contracts for troubleshooting and repair.

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