LSG Sky Chefs’ Kitchen of the Future

Interesting Challenges

LSG Sky Chefs, one of the world’s largest airline catering companies, required a full scale design and build for their first kitchen of the future. The project needed to be completed within a strict time frame, while allowing the existing kitchen to remain operational. The project depended on expert coordination and construction management to be able to be completed on time, on budget and while enabling current operations to remain functional.

Inventive Solutions

D-MAR focused on exceptional collaboration, planning and management to complete the project. The 50,000-square-foot second floor of the building was completely reconstructed using containment methods such as walls, negative air and air scrubbers to keep the main level operating without issue. The hot food line was revamped in a two phase process to ensure operations could continue during construction, as well as cooler and flash chiller installation, allowing completion of hot and cold elements in unison. The project was completed without interruption to current operations in only five months.

Client Name

LSG Sky Chefs

Project Type


Project Location

Miami, FL

Project Size

$6,300,000 – 211,852 sf

Project Completion


Built Together

Hess/Speedway Conversion

LSG Sky Chefs – Phoenix

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