Tuscan Inspired Sophistication for the Treviso Bay Golf Club

Precision, Thoughtfulness, and an Eye for Detail

Treviso Bay Golf Club is a member of the TPC network of golf clubs, and boasts a stunning 18-hole golf course located in Naples, Florida. Treviso wanted to create a beautiful, high end clubhouse facility to cater to its sophisticated clientele and match the beauty of the landscape. The clubhouse needed to include a Tuscan inspired theme, elegant fine dining space, meeting rooms, and retail space; as well as multiple lounge and casual dining areas that provided spectacular views of the course.

Bringing the Vision to Life

The 65,000-square-foot, two-story clubhouse was designed and constructed with acute attention to detail, working collaboratively with finish contractor specialists to achieve the majesty Treviso envisioned. The Medditeranian architecture, with rustic beamed ceilings and oversized windows, high end finishes, and $400,000 state of the art kitchen facility with high-pitched roof, all contribute to the elegance and beauty of Treviso’s vision. The clubhouse was completed in just one year, and is the perfect companion for the course.

Client Name


Project Location

Naples, FL

Project Name

Treviso Bay Clubhouse

Project Size

$12,000,000 – 65,000 sf

Project Completion


Built Together

LSG Sky Chefs – Tampa

Terra Bella Senior Care

LSG Sky Chefs – Miami