Lighting the Way at Lakeland Linder Airport

As part of an Aviation Authority-required upgrade, Lakeland Linder Airport needed a new lighting control vault and standby generator for its runway lights.

  • Lakeland Linder Airport - General Contractor
  • Client Name: Lakeland Linder International Airport
  • Project Type: Conceptual Estimation Constructability General Contracting
  • Industry: Aviation Infrastructure / Transportation
  • Project Size:1,500 sqft
  • Location:Lakeland

Project Stewardship

No matter how carefully a project is planned, unexpected issues are certain to arise. A top-quality contractor will make sure problems are resolved with minimal impact on the job. In this case, due to a miscommunication in the project scope between the engineer and subcontractor, the subcontractor did not order a portion of the required equipment. As the general contractor, D-Mar took seriously its responsibility to complete work on time and on budget and stepped in to protect the owner from the ramifications of this issue.

D-Mar stepped in to quickly resolve issues before they became problems, keeping the project on schedule and budget.

Taking an Ownership Approach

D-Mar acted quickly to order the necessary equipment on time, avoiding schedule and budget implications for the airport. While working to engage a new subcontractor, D-Mar continued progression on the job, which included the construction of a 1,500-square-foot building with a standby generator, 2,000-gallon fuel tank, low voltage control system, and high voltage power supply and distribution. On this, and all of its projects, D-Mar takes an ownership approach to provide reliable service, financial stewardship, and customer satisfaction.

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