Ingenuity and Innovation on the Isle of Ascension

Ascension Island is a small volcanic island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean about 1,000 miles off the coast of Angola. While home to a variety of native and non-native plants and animals, it is also home to the US Air Force Base called Ascension Auxiliary Air Field. With an essential grouping of facilities and personal in one of the most remote parts of the globe, building and maintaining these facilities is no small feat. That’s why they called D-Mar.

In June of this year, amidst a global pandemic, D-Mar General Contracting and Development was called upon to build and install two new refrigerated coolers boxes for International Restaurant Distributors, one of the island’s primary suppliers of food services. Beyond the remote location, these cooler boxes came with some unique requirements. They both needed rated super flooring to allow for the use of fully-loaded pallet trucks inside the coolers while also providing the necessary insulation and cooling requirements.

During the construction phase of these coolers, several challenges were met and overcome. Changes in specs that lead to more confined workspaces and the need for quarantine procedures were only a few that the D-Mar was able to work seamlessly and efficiently around.

While completing this job, Wolf Creek Federal Services had taken notice of the D-Mar team’s quality of work, adaptability, and work speed. They connected with the D-Mar team and hired them to rehabilitate four wastewater treatment tanks – a project requiring two additional weeks of work on the island.

The D-Mar team gladly accepted the opportunity. However, this project required sandblasting, scraping, and smoothing of the tanks’ interior lining before applying the epoxy coating system. Typically, this would have been a pretty straightforward task for the D-Mar team, but they lacked the proper tools and supplies on the island in this remote part of the Atlantic.

Doing what D-Mar does, the team set out to create the needed tools and equipment out of what was available on the island. With this ingenuity and resourcefulness, they completed two of the four tanks without the weeks of delay that it would have required to have supplies shipped in.

If that was not enough, Wolf Creek then asked D-Mar for one more project. The Command Hill dormitory rooms required some much-needed renovation. D-Mar once again stepped to the plate with innovative thinking and planning to complete all 11 dormitory rooms with supplies and materials readily available.

With such a tremendous amount of work completed in their two months on Ascension Island, the D-Mar team was proud to have had this remarkable experience and become trusted partners of the Wolf Creek Federal Services team. The Wolf Creek feeling the same has invited the D-Mar team back to the island for additional projects in the coming year.

This collection of projects are a prime example of the values behind the D-Mar name. The focus on dedication, loyalty, service, and quality is not merely platitudes; they are evident in everything they do.

Project Supervisor Jeremy Di Domenico said,

“The beauty of the island itself only topped the challenges on Ascension Island. While the work was challenging and engaging, we were also enjoying some of the best hiking and fishing the world has to offer. We’re excited to go back.”

Let’s create something great together

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